Modern, Modular & Transforming Kids’ Furniture: 13 Designs

Kolobashka Transforming Kids’ Furniture

Kids Furniture Kolobashka 1

Kids Furniture Kolobashka 2

Colorful curving surfaces connect to conical wooden posts to build beds, desks, benches, shelves and more in the Kolobashka furniture set by Kristina Magnitskaya.

GAB Convertible Bedrooms

Kids Furniture GAB 1

Kids Furniture GAB 2

Kids Furniture GAB 3

Virtually every element of the fun GAB furniture series is movable, with beds and tables placed on wheels so kids can easily shift their own environments however they see fit, adapting it to their needs. This constantly shifting arrangement means siblings can share rooms more easily, or kids can adapt their spaces to accommodate friends.

Gro Rocking Horse/Crib

Kids Furniture GRO 2

Kids Furniture GRO 1

This minimalist rocking horse actually starts out as a rocking crib, or more accurately, a wooden frame equipped with a sort of sling to hold newborns as they sleep. Designed by Christian Troels, GRO features a little leather seat and some rope that make the frame a graphic and visually interesting toy.

AZ Transforming Desk by Guillame Bouvet


Kids Furniture AZ 2

Both the chair and the desk/blackboard elements of the AZ Desk design by Guillame Bouvet can adjust to three different heights, ensuring that kids have a comfortable place to sit for a good long stretch of their childhood, no matter how quickly they may grow.