Juice to Go: 13 Ultra-Portable Phone Charger Designs

The Plug Radio
plug radio 1

plug radio 2

Currently seeking crowdfunding on Fundable, the Plug Radio is a bluetooth speaker, a stationary radio, a speakerphone and a phone charger all at once. Use it to play music from your phone or charge it on the go. A compact square shape, this little gadget plugs directly into the wall without cables.

pokit 1

pokit 2

With its own cable hidden within a drawstring pouch, the ‘Pokit’ is designed to be compact and portable, featuring an integrated charger and external battery in one. When you’re juicing it back up, you simply plug the adapter into a wall and both your phone and the external battery will be charged at the same time.

DIY Emergency Phone Charger
drill phone charger

If you find yourself in an emergency situation where the power is out but you need to stay in touch with loved ones, you can MacGyver your way out of it thanks to this tutorial. A cordless drill, an old phone charger and a few other household items come together to charge a phone without electricity.

Finger Movements to Power
touchscreen charger

touchscreen charger 2

This touchscreen film harnesses the kinetic energy created by your finger’s movements on your phone screen to generate enough power to charge it. A wire conductor connects from the film to the phone’s USB port.