Juice to Go: 13 Ultra-Portable Phone Charger Designs

Footsteps to Charge Your Phone
footstep phone charger 1

The Kinetic Charger by Toby Blake is a colorful little device that clips onto your belt to harvest your body movement to charge your gadgets. It plugs into phones or any other electronics that charge via USB, and each charger can hold up to 4 watts of stored energy. Link them together for a larger capacity.

Toaster iPhone Charger
toaster charger 1

toaster charger 2

This charger concept isn’t portable, but it’s a funny idea, powering up two phones at once in a toaster-inspired dock. Drop your phone into one of ht slots and it’s instantly connected. Sadly, your phone won’t pop up when it’s done, but the design does enable you to still see alerts while it’s charging.

Portable Turbine Phone Charger
turbine phone charger 1

turbine phone charger 2

It won’t exactly fit in your pocket, but the Trinity Portable Wind Turbine is still among the smallest personal renewable power stations harnessing wind energy to actually power up gadgets. It pops up like a tripod from a 12-inch cylinder and can be tacked into the ground to keep it from being blown over. A 15-watt generator produces enough energy to charge a phone four to six times.

Bottle Charger
hot water plastic bottle phone charger

Designed specifically for developing nations where the spread of mobile technology is outpacing the availability of reliable power, the Bottle Charger is a small gadget that hooks up to a 20 liter plastic bottle and a cup of boiling water to charge a cell phone or other device in 15 to 30 minutes.