Architectural Gems: 13 Blinged-Out Buildings Cut Like Stones

The Yellow Diamond by Jun Mitsui & Associates + Unsangdong Architects, Seoul, South Korea

gemstone architecture yellow diamond 1

gemstone architecture yellow diamond 2

“I felt that uninhibited artistic expression was appropriate for the site,” says architect Jun Mitsui of the Yellow Diamond building, located in one of the most creative districts of Seoul. “It is envisioned as a center where emerging artists can promote their work. A combination of right color and rhythm will give the building the impact to support its proposed use. The exterior is angled planes of gold-yellow frit-pattern glass representing a unique gem.”

Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Kruek & Sexton Architects, Chicago

gemstone architecture spertus 2

gemstone buildings spertus 1

It only took a few subtle changes to make what could have been an unremarkable structure into an eye-catching landmark for a Chicago street. Krueck & Sexton Architects gave the Jewish Studies building a faceted and folded glass facade as “an expression of light, both metaphorical and actual, which is fundamental to Jewish religious and intellectual traditions.”

World University Games Stadiums by GMP Architekten, Shenzhen, China

gemstone buildings shenzhen stadiums 1

gemstone buildings shenzhen stadiums 2

A trio of stadiums created for the World University Games in Shenzhen, China are ringed with glowing geometric shapes that resemble crows when illuminated at night.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland

gemstone buildings cleveland 1

gemstone buildings cleveland 2

The six-sided Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art by Farshid Moussavi is covered in mirrors, making it seem to blend with the clouds, street lights and surrounding buildings depending on the angle from which you view it. “These reflective panels will respond to weather changes and movement around the museum, providing visitors with constantly changing perceptions,” say the architects.