Candy Carpets and Chocolate Skulls: 13 Edible Designs

Gallery Walls Made of Dark Chocolate

edible chocolate walls

edible chocolate walls 2

Like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory, this room at Edinburgh’s Jupiter Artland is entirely coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate. The ‘Stroke’ installation by Anya Gallaccio invites visitors to pick at, lick or stroke the wall surfaces (which must have got a bit unsanitary after a while.) The sight and smell of all that chocolate is intended to incite feelings of lust that begin to wane as the exhibit decays.

Edible Patterned Surfaces

edible patterns 1

edible patterns 2

These ‘experimental food designs’ are a collaboration between textile studio Pinaki and premium chocolate shop Choclatl, using pleated cloth and leather molds to produce chocolates in highly unusual shapes and patterns.

Experimental Edible Containers

edible containers 2

edible containers 1

Edible food containers could significantly reduce waste if they were adopted on a wider scale, and this series by designer and researcher Diane Leclair Bisson takes an artful approach to the concept. The ‘food nests’ were made entirely from tomatoes to produce results in a variety of textures depending on the shape and thickness of each vessel.

Taste Tests in Color

edible silk screens

edible silk screens 2

Artist Matthew Brandt silk-screens with unexpected edible mediums like frosting, bubble gum, Kool Aid and Airheads, producing strikingly colored landscapes and other scenes for an “untraditional reinterpretation of the original landscape photography of the American West.”