For the Record: 13 Modern & Conceptual Turntable Designs

Audiowood Barkey Turntable

turntables audiowood 2

turntables audiowood

A slice of wood acts as an attractive and organic base, paired with a heavy glass platter, in the Audiowood Barky Turntable by Joel Scilley.

Hand-Operated Minimal Record Player

turntables hand operated

If you enjoy doing things the manual (read: hard) way, Livia Ritthaler’s minimalist gramophone design might be just the thing you’re looking for. It requires you to actually spin the record by hand in order to play it.

Evil Eye Optical Record Player

turntable evil eye 2

turntable evil eye 1

Digital and analog music technology come together in the ‘Evil Eye,’ an audio project from Indianen using screen-printed patterns on optical discs that can be played in a record player, generating waveforms similar to those of audio files. Instead of cutting grooves into vinyl, this method adds patterns to the disc.

Lasers Replace Needle in Modern Record Player

turntables modern lasers

Soundmachines by The Product replicates the look and feel of a record player but uses lasers to interpret colors, textures and cutouts on a disc as inputs for MIDI processing, “meaning that blips of information become beats and notes, and physical textures become audio textures.”