For the Record: 13 Modern & Conceptual Turntable Designs

Geometric White Record Player

turntable white 2

turntable white 1

turntable white 3

The idea of ‘doing more with less’ inspired this modern record player design, which has all the features of a conventional player but with a 50% smaller footprint.

Marble-Like Vivo Turntable

vivo 1

vivo 2

The Vivo turntable by Montegiro is made of swirled acrylic for a marble-like effect.

Braun Minimalist Wood Turntable

turntable braun 2

turntable braun 1

“My objective with this project was to reimagine the design and layout of the usual turntable,” says designer Florian Jans of his Braun-inspired concept. The result combines the blocky wood aesthetics of decades past with an unusual narrow rectangular layout.

Undulating Turntable by Margules Group


This wavy wood design comes from Margules Group Mexico, which aims to bring them to the market for roughly $1,000 including a built-in phono preamp and Rega OEM arm.