Griddy Cities: Aerial Cyberpunk Cityscapes Shot from 7,500 Feet

©Vincent Laforet -

aerial nyc bridges

aerial central park

©Vincent Laforet -

aerial nyc cloe up

In Manhattan, the defining features of the grid are cast in luminous relief – the city ends up looking something like an abstract circuit board or the firing synapses in a model brain.

aerial san francisco

san francisco hillsides

aerial sf downtown

In San Francisco, the variegated terrain is highlighted against the backdrop of the bay, with key features like the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Tower and other iconic pieces of architeture and infrastructure standing out against sections of gridded city.

aerial las vegas

aerial vegas strip

aerial strip close up

In Las Vegas, The Strip is naturally the central element, its diverse but generally-tall and colorfully-lit structures forming a winding path (like an inverted canyon) through otherwise-flat and relatively-dark terrain on all sides, the oasis in a desert city.