Surprises in Storage: 14 Clever Compartments & Organizers

Birdstick Storage Unit

storage birdstick

This vertical storage unit by Kristina Kjaer Hansen looks like a bunch of nesting boxes for birds, vertically stacked on a pole. “The nesting boxes are turnable and can be placed freely on the pole, using distance pieces and dowels made of oak.”

Supermod 3D-Printed Modular Storage

storage supermodstorage supermod 2

Connect a bunch of 3D-printed plastic modules together in any way you like to create a custom storage system that doubles as a room divider. The modules come in various depths, and you can leave some spaces open to fit larger objects.

Concrete Table with Integrated Book Storage

storage concrete books 2storage concrete books

Once you slide books inside the vertical slots of this unusual concrete table by IVANKA and Janos Hubler, they become part of the design, put on display like artistic objects. They can be seen both from the sides and through the glass tabletop.

DIY Design: Customizable Rope Shelf

storage rope shelf 1storage rope shelf 2

Maybe your storage needs change, or you want to display an unusually oddly-shaped object. You can hang and display all sorts of things with this DIY knotted rope shelf, switching it up at any time. You simply string rope through holes in the simple four-sided wooden shelf.