Art Made Flesh: 35 Sculptures Rendered in Human Skin & Hair

Jason Hopkins
flesh art hopkins 3

flesh art hopkins 2

If human flesh can be grown in a laboratory for purposes like medical prosthetics, could it – and should it – also be used for other applications, like art? Artist Jason Hopkins explores this idea with ‘posthuman structures,’ ‘biostructures’ and ‘human reconfigurations.’

Can Pekdimir
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flesh art pekdimir 2

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What would human flesh look like if our skeletons were entirely different? Istanbul sculptor Can Pekdemir experiments with drastically altering bone structure, twisting and stretching the heads of a middle-aged person and an elderly person in unexpected ways.

Zhu Tian
flesh art tian 2

flesh art tian

Representing the fetishization of women’s footwear, this sculpture by Chinese artist Zhu Tian renders an object conventionally seen as sexy with fleshy silicone and real human hair.