Art Made Flesh: 35 Sculptures Rendered in Human Skin & Hair

Anders Krisár

flesh art anders krisar 1

flesh art anders krisar 2

flesh art anders krisar 3

The malleability of silicone is highlighted in sculptures by Anders Krisár which look like human flesh, but don’t behave like it. The Stockholm-based artist produces torsos, limbs and other body parts that retain the memory of touch with deep hand-shaped imprints, calling onlookers to wonder whether that touch was loving or abusive. The sculptor’s series of androgynous twins sliced in half seems to comment upon the human body as a specimen, detached from individual identity yet still conveying a sense of emotion via entwined hands.

Francesco Albano
flesh art albano 1

flesh art albano 2

flesh art albano 3

The skeletons within these sacks of flesh by Francesco Albano seem to be melting piece-by-piece, leaving behind some fully-formed body parts while the rest become no more than a pile of leather.

Jessica Harrison
flesh art jessica harrison 1

flesh art jessica harrison 2

flesh art jessica harrison 3

You might think absolutely nothing of using another person as a pillow, but what if you were offered an actual pillow made of human skin – complete with hair? That kind of changes things, huh? Artist Jessica Harrison creates miniature fleshy furniture by first taking molds of her hands and palms, casting them in various materials and then manipulating them into unexpected shapes.

Joseph Barbaccia

flesh art barbaccia 1

flesh art barbaccia 2

flesh art barbaccia 3

Joseph Barbaccia uses polymer clay to sculpt realistic replicas of human body parts onto everyday objects like utensils and cheese graters.

Sarah Sitkin
flesh art sarah sitkin 3

flesh art sarah sitkin 2

flesh art sarah sitkin 1

LA-based artist Sarah Sitkin stuns with her hyperrealistic silicone sculptures and castings, which are often manipulated in ways that might make the viewer deeply uncomfortable.