Hot Pop-Up Shops: 14 Imaginatively Risky Retail Designs

Mirror Slices for Nicola Formichetti
pop up shop formichetti 1

pop up shop formichetti 2

pop up shop formichetti 3

The fashion designer best-known for outfitting Lady Gaga opened his first temporary shop in Manhattan with an explosion of angular shards resembling broken glass. Say designers Gage/Clemenceau Architects: “The installation is comprised of hundreds of robotically cut, mirrored facets, mounted to lightweight composite structural backing. These individual reflective facets are hung from the ceilings and walls, and attached to the flooring. Each facet is attached to its neighbors using a system of precisely bent aluminum clips. Large sheets of mirrored, abrasion-resistant, plastic sheets cover the floor and help to produce an endlessly reflective environment that reflects the clothing so that it can be viewed from a variety of unexpected perspectives.”

Wooden Crates for Zalando

pop up shop zalando 1

pop up shop zalando 2

pop up shop zalando 3

Another concept mimicking all-in-one living cubes is this plywood installation for the Zalando pop-up store in Berlin by Sigurd Larsen. The designer was inspired by the oversized wooden crates used in the shipping industry, envisioning them as display cases that we can easily imagine doubling as luxurious closets in a spacious loft apartment.

Surprisingly Stretchy Arnsdorf Store

pop up shop pantyhose 5

pop up shop pantyhose 2

pop up shop pantyhose 1

Can you identify the highly unusual material that’s been used to decorate this otherwise nondescript pop-up shop in Melbourne? Aussie design studio Edwards Moore proves that you can make a big impact with almost zero budget, creating a spiderweb-like installation for Arnsdorf using 154 pairs of neutral-hued pantyhose.

Shipping Crate Shop on a Beach for H&M
pop up shop HM

pop up shop HM 2

pop up shop HM 3

Is there a better place to showcase and sell beach-inspired clothing than right on the beach itself? Swedish clothier H&M dropped a giant shipping crate right onto the sand in the small coastal town of Scheveningen, opening one side to reveal a mini store set up just like the permanent ones.

Peep Show Lingerie Pop-Up

pop up shop lake stars

pop up shop lake stars 4

pop up shop lake stars 3

pop up shop lake stars 2

In what could be described as a peep show, a wall of geometric viewing cones focus the attention of passersby onto lingerie-clad mannequins inside a pop-up shop for intimates brand The Lake & Stars. Dichroic plexiglass brings splashes of color to the otherwise monochromatic space, literally casting the merchandise in a new light.