Hot Pop-Up Shops: 14 Imaginatively Risky Retail Designs

Half Hitch Goods: Shop in a Truck

pop up shop half hitch 3

pop up shop half hitch 2

pop up shpo half hitch 1

A little white truck lined with shelves transports a shop full of artisan goods all over San Francisco. Half Hitch is a boutique selling exceptionally gift-worthy items at holiday fairs and other events; here the unusual setup is captured by Leslie from Spotted SF.

Shipping Container Shop and Lounge for Nike

pop up shop nike 1

pop up shop nike 2

pop up shop nike 3

pop up shop nike 4

Shipping container architecture specialists Container Ephemera designed this clever pair of pop-up spaces for Nike, debuting at the International Basketball Festival in Paris in 2011. One container housed a showroom, while the other contained a shop with a rooftop lounge.

Hublot Pop Up Shop by Asylum
pop up shop hublot 1

pop up shop hublot 2

pop up shop hublot 3
A screen of dangling black ‘gems’ sections off a small jewelry showroom in a Singapore mall. Designed by Asylum for Hublot, the installation generates the illusion of a separate space, while the glittering glass pieces suggest what can be found within.

Cardboard Pop-Up for Deskontalia
pop up shop cardboard 1

pop up shop cardboard 2

pop up shop cardboard 3

The interior of this pop-up shop in San Sebastian, Spain for Deskontalia appears to consist of nothing but stacked cardboard boxes. For Vaumm architects, the challenge in this shop – which is actually for picking up deliveries, and has no products for sale – was to fill the space in a visually interesting way. Playing on the purpose of the room, they created a system of shelving and desks that only look like they’re made of cardboard. The modular boxes are stacked so they can be moved around individually to create new configurations.