Gadget Gifts: 15 Slick Smartphone Add-Ons & Accessories

Tiny Folding Lightning Cable

smartphone lighting cable

Forget carrying an entire lightning cable or other phone charger with you everywhere you go: The Nomad makes so much more sense. This tiny compact charger is available as an Apple lightning charger or micro USB starting at $19.95, clips right onto your keys and features ultra rugged construction so it can withstand being tossed around.

Harmony Home Hub

smartphone harmony hub

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote for your TV and any automated gadgets in your home with the Harmony Home Hub, which is compatible with Philips hue lights, the Nest Learning Thermostat, August door locks and other smart home products. Once you’ve got it all set up, you can dim your lights, lock your doors, close your blinds and perform all sorts of other tasks from your phone. The hub retails for roughly $89.99 on Amazon.

iPhone SLR Camera Lens Mount

smartphone SLR mount 2

smartphone SLR mount

Even seasoned professional photographers find themselves reaching for their iPhones more often than they’d like to admit, and just a little bit of modification can make those casual shots pop. This iPhone SLR Mount makes it possible to use all your fancy expensive SLR lenses on your iPhone so you an take telephoto, wide angle, macro and other specialty shots without having to lug your whole camera kit around. Designed for the iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s-Plus, available for $149.99 at PhotoJoJo.

Lego Builder Case
smartphone lego case

smartphone builder case 2

Customize your very own geeky iPhone case with this LEGO mount from Belkin, which can be used with any LEGO bricks and pieces for as simple or complex a creation as you can dream up. Just don’t step on it. $32.50 for the 6/6s, $11.99 for the 5/5s.