White Water Roofing: Wild Water Tanks Top Cool Punjabi Homes



Looks like Xzibit’s work isn’t quite done yet… a water tank in the form of a water tanker rests atop a wealthy Punjabi’s home. What’s next, solar panels in the shape of the sun?

Give Me Liberty


The Statue of Liberty atop a water tank in Kultham, district Nawansahar, reflects the dream of a local architect to visit the USA someday. Freedom… not just for Braveheart fans anymore.

Rooftop Garden



While it might loom over the ostentatious wedding cake of a home above, a bloom-shaped rooftop water tank seems to fit right in with the general decor scheme.


NRIs from the Punjab are undeniably proud of their success but they haven’t lost sight of their roots. Take the ship-shaped water tank above, erected by a farmer now living mainly in Canada in honor of his father, who left the family homeland on a boat to Singapore. This is one case where a ship that takes on water is a GOOD thing!