The City Is Your Living Room: 15 Modern Street Furniture Designs

Curved Park Seating by Place Laboratory

city furniture place lab 1

Place Laboratory integrated ‘Curved Seat,’ a dynamic flowing wood and concrete bench, into the transition space between grass and pavement at the Yanchep Golf Estate in Australia.

Sunset Parklet in San Francisco

city furniture sunset parklet 1

city furniture sunset parklet 2

city furniture sunset parklet 3

Set just outside a grocery store and cafe in San Francisco, The Sunset Parklet by INTERSTICE Architects reclaims 3-4 public parking spots and turns them into usable space for passersby and cafe patrons. Four strips running the length of the parklet offer various levels of seating, tables, planters, leash ties for dogs and a bike rack.

LIFT Dis-Section

city furniture lift dissection 1

city furniture lift dis-section 2

A wooden mesh of urban planters lifts up on one side like a rug to reveal a built-in bench facing the sidewalk. Lift Dis-Section is modular seating aimed at bringing nature into “the sterility of urban sprawl” while also providing a relaxation zone.

FUSILLO by Marco Goffi

city furniture fusillo

city furniture fusillo 2

This wave of social seating called FUSILLO lets users sit on either side to facilitate conversation. Says designer Marco Goffi, “With everyone comfortably seated in his or her own ‘space’, there is interaction, encouragement of relationships: this is Fusillo’s intention, created by Marco Golf’s pencil around a section design. A three-pointed star, which with its simultaneous rotation and transferral movement generates the form, and the underlying support structure materializes. The ‘skin’ of a living species in perpetual movement, an organic and functional sign, an interpretation of the multiple seating which offers the possibility of becoming infinite by adding more Fusilli-Modules.”