Paint it Black: 16 Mysterious Houses That Have Joined the Dark Side

Black House by SF Girl By Bay



Blogger Victoria Smith, known as SF Girl By Bay, painted her own San Francisco home solid matte black with a few pops of white trim. Check out the before photos on her site to see just how dramatic of a transformation this really is.

Maison Jean Longpré, Fitch Bay, Quebec, Canada



Also available for vacation rentals, Maison Jean Longpre in Fitch Bay, Quebec is a three-story cabin with a modern rustic feel. The black exterior paint turns what would otherwise be an unremarkable brick chimney and white balcony into eye-catching accents.

CLF Houses by Studio BaBO




Three wooden houses grouped together in Patagonia, Argentina get black-painted cypress exteriors to make them look “as monolithic as possible,” say architects Studio BaBO.

Black Slit House, Okayama City, Japan



This house by THREE.BALL.CASCADE has many of the defining characteristics of a modern Japanese home: tons of glazing, designated bike parking and a shape that comes almost all the way to the edges of the small urban plot. But the architects chose to make it stand out with black paint, perhaps honoring the tough, industrial spirit of the neighborhood.

8 Blacks House by NRJA




Eight black-painted, wood plank buildings form a complex, bringing a modern edge to a traditional setup in Latvia. NRJA architects say it was originally intended to be a vacation home, but the owners loved it so much, they decided to live there full time.

House of the Seven Gables, Salem, Massachusetts


Made famous by the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel of the same name, the House of the Seven Gables in Salem, Massachusetts is a 1668 colonial mansion turned nonprofit museum and one of the oldest surviving timber-framed mansion houses in North America. In the gothic novel, it’s the setting for mysteries and witchcraft – it must have looked even more mysterious when Hawthorne wrote the book back in 1851.