Just Pull Some Strings: 8 Easy Transforming Furniture Designs for Lazy People

Nest Shelf Nendo

nendo nest shelf

nendo nest shelf 2

Need more display space for some newly-acquired books or treasures? With Nendo’s Nest Shelf, you don’t even have to disturb your existing arrangement of decor to expand the self-contained system to twice its original size. Just slide out one end.

Constructing Memory Chair

string chair 2

constructing memory chair

Unlike the Ollie, this string chair looks like a messy pile of nothing until you pull on the elastic in a certain way to get it to spring up into shape. Says designer Hui Chun Chen, “You activate the chair. Things only become meaningful once you involve.”


hiddenbed 1

hiddenbed 2

When you watch this video of the Hiddenbed in action, you’ll probably stare at the computer monitor the whole time, wondering when the woman is going to put it away so it doesn’t get crushed by the unfolding bed. But you don’t have to move anything on the entire desk setup to transform this space-saving murphy bed into a cozy place to sleep. Just pull down on the top. That’s it.

Push-Button Convertible Couch

campeggi push button

Italian furniture maker Campeggi is always looking for creative ways to transform couches into beds and vice versa, most of which involve no more than sliding something out or flipping a piece over, but they definitely took it to the next level with this design, with unfolds itself at the push of a button.