Play On, LEGO Layer: 14 Complex & Creative Toy Brick-Inspired Projects

BMW and LEGO Hover Bike Concept

lego bmw hover bike

lego bmw hover bike 2

lego BMW hover bike 3

BMW and LEGO Technic joined together to create an alternative model using the same 603 LEGO pieces from the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Model Kit, essentially ignoring the instructions for the mini motorcycle and going their own way. This futuristic hover bike is the result. After the team came up with the miniature version, the BMW Junior Company in Munich built a life-size version of the creation with real parts, including a few non-LEGO components, like a front-wheel rim modified to form a propeller.

AUDI ‘Extra Hour’ Installation

audi lego

audi lego 2

audi lego 3

If you had one extra hour every day, what would you do with it? That question forms the basis of ‘The Extra Hour,’ an installation by AUDI symbolizing the sense of freedom autonomous driving can offer. The automaker collaborated with the LEGO Group to build a giant installation of LEGO bricks to make up the number ’25’ rising above a city, alongside the AUDI RS 7.

LEGO BMW R 1200 GS Miniature

lego bmw technic 2

lego bmw technic 3

lego mini bmw motorcycle

When that kit of parts from the hover bike mentioned earlier is actually put together the right way, here’s what you get: a miniature version of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. It’s the first ever LEGO technic model to be produced in cooperation with a motorcycle manufacturer, and the motored 2-cylinder boxer engine is actually set into motion as the motorcycle is moved.

Real-Life LEGO Building by Bjarke Ingels

BIG lego building 1

BIG lego building 2

BIG lego building 3

A full-scale, LEGO-inspired building is currently under construction in Billund, Denmark. Dubbed the LEGO House, the Bjarke Ingels-designed structure will serve as a LEGO experience center offering a range of creative experiences. The building consists of 21 white bricks stacked on top of each other. It’s set to open in September.

LEGO x Belkin ‘Builder Case’ for iPhones

lego phone case

lego phone case 2

In 2013, LEGO teamed up with Belkin to produce a ‘Builder Case’ for the iPhone 5, enabling users to customize their own wacky phone creations with LEGO bricks, from tiny movie screens for LEGO figures to ‘90s-style cordless phone shapes.