Play On, LEGO Layer: 14 Complex & Creative Toy Brick-Inspired Projects

The Beatles’ LEGO Yellow Submarine vs a Sea Monster

beatles yellow submarine LEGO

beatles yellow submarine LEGO 2

Another fun stop-motion animation project uses the LEGO ’The Beatles Yellow Submarine’ kit to recreate a scene from the 1968 animated movie of the same name. Singer-songwriter Keven Szeto submitted the design to the Ideas section of LEGO’s website and got fan approval to get it into production, saying “I watched the film when I was younger and was really inspired by how it oozed so much imagination – comparable to how I view LEGO elements. I’m also a massive fan of The Beatles having grown up with their music all my life so to see The Beatles in LEGO form is a dream come true.”

Women of NASA Lego Set

women of NASA LEGO

women of NASA LEGO 2

The Women of NASA LEGO set is also a fan-submitted idea, created by space editor and writer Maya Weinstock and featuring Sally Ride, Mae Jemison, Katherine Johnson, Margaret Hamilton and Nancy Grace Roman. In addition to the figures themselves, the set features a mini space shuttle, micro scale Hubble telescope and vignettes featuring each woman’s contribution to space science, like Katherine Johnson’s office, featured in the film Hidden Figures, where she calculated and verified trajectories for the Mercury and Apollo programs.

Handmade LEGO Robot Folds Perfect Paper Planes

lego paper plane

lego paper planes 2

Sao-Paulo-based designer Arthur Sacek used LEGO bricks to create a handmade robot that folds and launches paper planes, sending it down a miniature ‘runway.’ Designed for a Super Bowl commercial for Arrow Electronics, the robot feeds a sheet of paper through a series of cogs to fold it along specific pleat points.

Life-Sized LEGO Batmobile

life-sized lego batmobile

life sized LEGO batmobile 2

Inspired by the speed wagon seen in the LEGO Batman Movie, this life-sized LEGO Batmobile presented by Chevrolet at NAIAS 2017 is made of 300,000 toy bricks, took 222 hours to design and 1,833 hours to build. It’s 17 feet long and over 9 feet wide and was assembled in the LEGO model shop in Enfield, Connecticut by master builders.