The Earth as a Canvas: 25 Monumental Works of Land-Based Art

Environmental Sculptures by Martin Hill and Philippa Jones

Playing with light, shadow and reflection, these land art installations by Martin Hill and Philippa Jones are completed by their natural environments, their reflections or surroundings just as important as the sculptures themselves. “The use of the circle refers to nature’s cyclical system which is now being used as a model for industrial ecology. Sustainability will be achieved by redesigning products and industrial processes as closed loops – materials that can’t safely be returned to nature will be continually turned into new products.”

World Tree by Krisztián Balogh

‘World Tree’ by Krisztián Balogh doesn’t quite look real in photographs, but the 32-foot land art installation was really cut into the ground and filled with water to resemble a branching river in the shape of a tree.

Log Walkway by Michael McGillis

Artist Michael McGillis sliced into orderly stacks of logs and then painted the cut ends purple to create a beautiful path through the Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minnesota.

Human-Shaped Pool by Icy & Sot

A human silhouette cut into the grass in Tbilisi, Georgia by Brooklyn-based duo Icy & Sot reflects the sky in a subtle nature-based temporary art installation that makes a big impact.