High Design: 15 Luxury Products for More Glamorous Cannabis Consumption

Tetra Travel Kit

Tetra describes their Travel Kit as ‘TSA-friendly,’ though that seems a bit wishful considering the state of marijuana laws in many places. It’s a beautiful kit, though, including a leather pouch, a USB-powered slide lighter, a Tetra Fog Pin by Knauf & Brown, rolling papers, an acrylic mini storage box and Japanese eye drops.

Loto Vaporizer

Branded as the most advanced vaporizer ever made, the Loto features a patent-pending magnetic induction core for better tasting vapor, and it’s Bluetooth-enabled so users can control the temperature from their smart phones and keep track of dosage. It’s made of aluminum and African sepele wood, with the goal of looking good on your table.

Pipes Made From Real Gemstones

Smoke your favorite strain through a giant hunk of amethyst, rose quartz, obsidian or any number of other gemstones. Starting around $35 each, these pipes made of real crystals from various sellers on Etsy are actually pretty affordable, but so much prettier than your average head shop pipe.

Octahedron Table Lighter & Ashtray Set

This gorgeous geometric ashtray and lighter set is not playing around. Designed by Andrew O. Hughes for Tetra, it’s really an art piece, acting as a sculpture when not in use. It’s made from aqua-lavender dichroic glass that changes tint according to your viewpoint or the room lighting, and it costs $1,250.00.