High Design: 15 Luxury Products for More Glamorous Cannabis Consumption

Netflix TV-Themed Cannabis

Netflix partnered with creative agency Carrot and medical cannabis dispensary Alternative Herbal Health Services to produce a series of cannabis offerings named with references to the streaming service’s shows, including Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black and Bojack Horseman. The specially branded strains went up for sale at a pop-up shop in West Hollywood to promote the new show Disjointed, which is set in a cannabis dispensary.

Grobo Home Cannabis Gardening System

Designed to be displayed proudly in your home rather than hidden away in a secret basement under the shed out back, the Grobo Home Cannabis Gardening System is a minimalist white cabinet with a grow light, reservoirs for water and nutrients, a section for seeds and soil, and an accompanying app that lets you monitor the growing process. A carbon filter keeps your whole house from smelling like weed (or at least, the weed you’re growing – it has no control over the weed you’re smoking, obviously.)

The Ultimate Cannabis Chair

This chair by German manufacturer El Purista may have the low-key name of ‘RA 1:15,’ but it’s unofficially known as the cannabis stash chair for its secret storage compartments in the arms. It’s marketed as a ‘leather smoking armchair,’ and while it might have been used for smoking a pipe or hand-rolled cigarettes in decades past, we all know what it’s really used for today. The arm compartments are all sized perfectly for pipes, lighters, rolling papers, grinders and other accessories as well as your stash.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

A pack of regular old rolling papers will cost you a dollar or two a dozen at your local bodega, but these ‘Shine’ rolling papers start around $45, a pretty steep difference. That’s because they’re made of 24 karat gold. They come in mini-J and cigar wrap form, too, and they even leave behind a luxurious-looking ashtray full of gold ash.

Print-a-Bowl 3D-Printed Bong

A Seattle startup called Printabowl creates 3D-printed “elevation instruments” for smoking pot. “We think of these as pieces of functional sculpture,” say the sibling founders, Al and Saul Jacobs. “They’re made to exist and enhance the space we inhabit, not to be tucked away in a cabinet or in a shoebox under your bed.”