It’s Getting Steamy in Here: 14 Modern Sauna Designs Heat Up

One-Person Sauna in Germany by Modulorbeat

This temporary single-occupancy sauna by German architect collective Modulorbeat was created for the DAS DETROIT-PROJEKT art festival in Bochum. Towering over the surrounding landscape of the abandoned factory site, it doubles as a lookout, and is made primarily of pre-cast concrete parts. There’s a plunge pool on the lowest level, a sauna on the middle level and a ‘relaxation room’ at the top.

ELDMØLLA Sauna in Norway by Arkitekt August Schmidt

This little wooden sauna set on a farm in Norway draws inspiration from the local typology ‘Kvern-hus,’ a small, traditional mill often seen beside a stream or river, where water is channeled inside to turn the millstones and grind grain into flour. But instead of a mill, you’ll find a modern interpretation of the traditional sauna with beautiful views of the mountains.

One+ Sauna House by Add a Room

This modular single-room structure by Stockholm-based company Add a Room is designed to be added to an existing home, and features a spacious sauna as well as a deck, pergola and outdoor shower. It’s sustainably built off-site and transported to its destination.

Sauna Huginn & Muninn by AtelierFORTE

Named after the two legendary ravens of the Norse god Odin, the Huginn & Muninn Sauna by AtelierFORTE is a handmade structure made of spruce wood accommodating two people, and it’s powered by a small wood stove. Located in Piacenza, Italy, the structure features portholes framing the sunset.

‘Smallest Sauna on Earth’ by Marcis Ziemins

“Classic elements like fire, earth, w water and air meet and become one” in the ‘smallest sauna on earth,’ a tabletop sauna created by Marcis Ziemins. The artist notes that the sauna tradition in Latvia is growing less popular in our fast-paced modern urban lifestyle, and his creation is one way to keep it alive, hoping that experiencing the relaxing ritual on a smaller scale will encourage people to seek out the real thing.