It’s Getting Steamy in Here: 14 Modern Sauna Designs Heat Up

S1: Expandable Sauna Design by Klafs

Apartments aren’t exactly conducive to having your own private sauna. Or are they? German company Klafs presents its S1 design, a retractable sauna roughly the size of a deep bookcase that’s fully self-contained and mobile. Press a button on the front panel, and it’ll silently expand. Inside, you pull down a reclining bench and activate th theater, LED lighting system and speakers connected to your smartphone to create just the right ambiance.

Sauna Sculpture by Raumlabor

Raumlabor’s sculptural sauna on the harbor of Göthenburg, Sweden, looks like a giant metallic monster rising out of the water. It’s just as much a giant work of art as it is a functional building offering a service to local residents. Its rough textures and angular proportions draw parallels to the industrial nature of the area, creating a place of refuge within a ‘hostile environment.’

Saunalautta: Salvaged Multi-Story Sauna in Finland

Made from salvaged materials like plastic barrels and recycled wood, this ‘Saunalautta’ is a mini floating vacation hub designed for year-round use, with hammocks on multiple levels, tents and a BBQ in addition to the toasty sauna. The builders have even used it as a base for a trampoline.

Löyly Sauna in Finland by Avanto Architects

The name of this sauna by Avanto Architects is the Finnish word for the steam made by throwing water on hot stones. Part of a new initiative to develop a former industrial area of the Helsinki seashore into a residential hub, and a drive to create more public saunas in Finland, this project by Avanto Architects aims to create a sense of community. The sculptural structure made of heat-treated pine acts like venetian blinds for the people enjoying the sauna inside, and creates a place to sit for people outside.