Artists in Residence: 18 Stunning Studios Designed for Cultivating Creativity

KAI Artist Residency in Peru’s Sacred Valley by Méctamo Designs

The ‘KAI’ artist residency by Lima-based studio Méctamo houses four creatives at a time within the sacred valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru. The sustainably designed cluster of buildings is designed to blend in with the mountainous landscape and the vernacular architecture, and offers private housing as well as studios and a gallery.

Thread: Remote Artist Residency in Senegal

‘Thread’ is an artist residency and socio-cultural center in the remote village of Sinthian, Senegal featuring two artist dwellings, venues, indoor and outdoor studio space and a variety of classes that promote links between artists and the local culture. These images by Giovanni Hänninen capture daily life at the residency as well as the buildings themselves, which were designed by architect Toshiko Mori using local materials.

Billboard Turned Artist Residency

In Mexico City, an inhabitable billboard temporarily offered artists an urban home base hidden in plain sight. The Billboard House was a joint project between the Scribe paper company and architect Julio Gomez Trevilla with a space-saving interior. The exterior was an active work in progress by the artist living inside.

Artist Residence + Atelier in the Alps by Modus Architects

This artist residence, gallery and double-height studio in Castelrotto, northern Italy by Modus Architects is designed around daylighting and views of the mountains. Set within a quaint alpine village, the residence is made with diagonal laminated wood criss-crossing larch board cladding and a ribbon of glass that wraps around the entire structure.