High Feline Design: 10 Modern Homes with Built-In Cat Friendly Features

A Window Nook for Cats in a Modern Industrial Apartment by HAO Design

Three pet cats in this household get some special features from a modern industrial renovation by HAO Design. The stylish Taiwan loft includes tiny cat-sized arched passageways leading from one room to another so they always have free reign of the space – plus, they have their very own ‘catio’ window nook in the dining room.

House in Seoul by OBBA

When a newlywed couple in Seoul decided they’d rather build their own modest home on a small plot than live in an apartment building, they commissioned OBBA to make the 538-square-foot space into something that not only meets their needs but also those of their cat. What looks at first like a long shelf is actually a feline-width staircase between the main entrance and stairs leading to a dedicated cat loft. “The cat loves the space a lot and uses the staircase and plays there a lot,” the designers told Dezeen. “The cat is used to sitting and looking outside waiting for the clients until they come back from work, and welcome guests from the staircase when they come in.”

The Cat House by Key Operation

Japanese architects Key Operation gave the cat’s needs so much consideration for this Tokyo home, they ended up calling it ‘The Cat House.’ “What look like shelves jutting out of one wall of this room are actually steppingstones for the pet cat to enter into the adjacent rooms through the openings placed higher up on the wall,” they explain. “This arrangement leaves the ample staircase and landings, which double up as a library, undisturbed from the burst of activities of the feline member of the family, while the rest of the family uses them as a place of quietude.”

Minimalist Cat Walkway by Scenario Architecture

London-based Scenario Architecture made the most of the unused space along the ceiling to create a minimalist cat walkway in this residential extension in Hackney. The owners’ two cats love it, they report. “The cats use it a lot, especially when there are visitors in the house, as a means to investigate the newcomers safely, and have a controlled view of the whole ground floor.”

Kitty Paradise Loft in New Jersey’s Powerhouse Arts District

The owner of this loft in New Jersey’s Powerhouse Arts District not only has six cats of her own, but a rotating cast of foster cats. She needed to make her 1,495-square-foot residence friendlier to her feline companions, with more space to explore, so she took advantage of the walls. Interior designer Andrea Brodfuehrer of Von B Interiors created a ‘cat superhighway’ with stepped shelves leading to lookouts all over the home.