Archived Articles: October, 2008

13 Geeky Halloween Pumpkins, Costumes and Ideas

It takes a lot to scare, excite or even impress a geek, however... geeky Halloween pumpkins and costumes don't just have to be good, they've got to be BLOODY ...

Vivid Photos: 7 Inspiring Infrared and HDR Photographers

Infrared and HDR photographs show us our world in a new and interesting way. With their distorted color or ultra-rich detail, these photos are all exquisite.

Refly: 15 Radical Ways to Recycle Airplanes and Parts

What becomes of airplanes once their airborne adventures have ended? Some transform from "I soar" to eyesore, but others take on new life through recycling. ...

Deserted Homes: 12 Abandoned Houses and Ghost Towns

Houses, neighborhoods, and entire towns are abandoned for a number of reasons. However they become abandoned, these areas can be peaceful and haunting to visit.

Sleep Well: 18 Creative Modern Beds and Bed Designs

These groundbreaking modern (and postmodern) beds and be designs seem to work to free themselves from convention, predictability and even gravity.

82 Epic Elemental Phenomena and Natural Disasters

An elemental story arc filled with amazing natural wonders of the world and terrifyingly recent earth, water, wind and fire disasters from around the planet.

Building Puzzles: 15 Awesome Architectural Optical Illusions

As architects struggle to balance aesthetic appeal with practical considerations, many are finding the best way to create bold features is through optical ...

16 Creative Modern Tables and Crazy Table Designs

Are modern tables having an identity crisis? Here are 16 creative modern table designs that look like they are eager to transform into something else entirely

22 Global Tales of Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities

What in the world could cause entire cities to become abandoned? Here are twenty-four haunting real-life ghost villages, towns and cities from around the world.

20 Mind-Bending & Floor-Ripping Architectural Sculptures

Australian artist Robbie Rowlands masterfully blends architecture and art with his unique style. His art shakes our notions of stability and familiarity.

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