Villa Savoye: Classic Corbu House Comes to Life in LEGO
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One of the most iconic buildings of the 20th Century, the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier outside of Paris, France has long been a symbol of the International Style in Modern Architecture – now one you can rebuild at home in LEGO form.

In fact, a model version is perhaps the best way to understand this structure, as its accomplishments are not all visible from ground-level photographs – particularly the compelling sectional progression and three-dimensionally-complex rooftop deck.

The structure embodies Corbu’s core Five Points regarding residential design, being (1) supported by structural columns and elevated to create space below, (2) topped by a garden, reclaiming additional outdoor space displaced by the building, (3) open floor plans, (4) horizontal fenestration and (5) freely-designed facades.¬†Of the Architecture Landmark Series by LEGO, this may be the most instructive model to date for young aspiring architects (ages 12 and up, that is!).

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