Shell-Shaped Shoffice: Backyard Shed/Office Combo
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Part backyard office, part storage space, part sculpture: the ‘Shoffice’ by Platform 5 Architects is a multi-functional pavilion that curls over itself like a shell. The architects created this unusual detached office structure for a residence in northwest London, and it fits neatly into a small walled garden space.

Two-thirds of the shed/office combo is enclosed for use as an office, while the other third is open to the elements. The open area provides a space to store gardening implements and other items that would normally be kept in a shed.

The wooden shell curves from one side of the office all the way under its floor, creating a terrace in front for lounging in the sun. The structure is made with two steel ring beams, timber ribs and a plywood skin, and was mostly prefabricated for ease of installation.

Glass walls on two sides provide both daylighting and a view straight into the home, providing a visual connection but maintaining the peace and privacy desired in a detached office or studio.

The ‘Shoffice’ is just one of many such backyard retreats. See 14 more outside offices including work pods, ‘eggs’, modular structures and more.

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