Urban Green: 8 Ingenious Small-Space Window Garden Ideas
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window planters

City condos often lack room for a full garden, or even a small backyard. There are box and kit solutions, sure, but these creative alternatives preserve your views and limited sill space while providing green growth and unique outdoor connections.

Magnetic Two-Piece Window Pot

window magnetic double pot

Starting with the simplest: consider pair of two half-pots designed by Kyung-Eun Oh and joined by an invisible magnetic connection Рone for the inside of windows and one for the outside, one colored white (typical plastic for indoors) and one a reddish brown (typical ceramic for outdoors).

Modular Rope-and-Pulley Herb Garden

window modular herb garden

Shooting for something that adds more than decor? Rows upon rows of herbs can be planted in this more intensive option by Barreau & Charbonnet, able to be raised or lowered to optimize around rain and sun.

Rotating Two-Faced Planter Sill

window reversible garden sill

While the previous example might pose challenges during extreme weather (storms and so forth), this system by Junkyung Kim & Yonggu Do allows you to keep a solid window in place but choose which side you want your plants to be on.

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