Puzzle Facade: Play a Building Like a Giant Rubik’s Cube
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Rubiks Cube Architecture Project 1

The entire facade of the Ars Electronic Building in Linz, Austria has become the world’s largest playable Rubik’s cube thanks to a color-changing illuminated facade controlled by a 3D-printed device. Anyone who wants to try their hand at the ‘Puzzle Facade‘ manipulates the hand-held interface-cube like they would an ordinary Rubik’s cube, and their movements are translated to the building.

Rubiks Cube Architecture Project 2

The interactive display, by Spanish artist and designer Javier Lloret, uses bluetooth to connect the cube to a software program that converts the information into color and light. Only being able to see two sides of the building increases the difficulty factor.

Rubiks Cube Architecture Project 3

Of course, if you think you’re skilled enough to try to crack a Rubik’s cube this big, you’d better be pretty confident, because your handiwork is going to be on citywide display. Watch it in action above.

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