Slam Drunk: 12 Weird, Wild & Wacky Basketball Courts

Dome Sweet Dome

NYC Nolita rooftop basketball court(images via: Scouting New York)

A private rooftop basketball court in Manhattan? No joke, it’s in Nolita (“NOrth of Little ITAly”) and sits atop one of Bob & Cortney Novogratz’ extensively renovated townhouses at Centre Market Place, across from the Police Building.

NYC rooftop basketball court(image via: Gareth Spor)

The rooftop court was designed to mirror an antique dome on a nearby building (which does NOT house a basketball court). Looking to make 5 Centre Market Place your home, basketball court and all? According to the real estate agent in this video, the asking price for the 5-story, single family home is $18 million.

Liberace’s Basketball Court

Liberace's basketball court(image via: JL 1967)

Known more for keyboards than backboards, the late Liberace didn’t really have a home basketball court but if he did… it would look exactly like this. Kudos to photographer and Flickr user JL 1967 for discovering this literal gem and showcasing it to the rest of us. “Mr. Showmanship” would certainly approve.

At The Mountains Of March Madness

China Antarctica Zhongshan basketball court(images via: CAAA and Onward518 and SciFi At DarkRoastedBlend)

Where March Madness meets the Mountains Of Madness, you’ll find China’s Zhongshan Antarctic Station. Huddled on the frigid coast of East Antarctica roughly opposite from the U.S.’s McMurdo Station and the Antarctic Peninsula, Zhongshan Station features all the comforts of home including a cozy wood-paneled and wood-floored basketball court. Where they got the wood, who can say? Perhaps they dredged up the remains of Shackleton’s ice-crushed exploration ship, the Endurance, or some other, larger ship buried beneath the ice.

China Zhongshan Antarctica basketball court(image via: Australian Antarctic Division)

While Zhongshan Station is fairly large as Antarctic bases go, it only hosts about 60 personnel in summer dropping to around 25 in winter – not really enough to form a league. One would hope that if the station does assemble a team they’ll name it the Shoggoths and schedule some tilts against either a visiting squad from Miskatonic University or a few of the local six-foot-tall giant penguins.

Station Fire Dave Bullock basketball court(image via: Dave Bullock/eecue)

The devastating Station Fire that ravaged 250 square miles of prime Los Angeles County real estate in 2009 may or may not have spared the basketball court above… intrepid photographer Dave Bullock wisely didn’t hang around to find out. Luckily, his amazing capture of an everyday basketball court contrasting with the otherworldly burning landscape just beyond remains as cool as the subject is hot.