Painted People: 31 Works of Art on Human Canvas

17 Painted People Form Sculpture of Crashed Car

Painted People 17 Car

Expanding beyond her figures on intricate backgrounds, Emma Hack created this incredible living sculpture of a crashed car made of seventeen painted people. Entitled ‘Body Crash‘, the work took 18 hours to paint and photograph. Acrobats held the challenging poses required in the smashed front end, while the rest of the car is made up of athletes and body builders. The work is part of an Australian road safety campaign.

Paintings of the 19th Century on the Human Body

Painted People 19th Century 1
Painted People 19th Century 2

Artwork of the 19th century is painted onto human bodies in a series called “Anatomical Museum” by Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector. The works are recognizable, yet the shape of the human body – and the addition of such unexpected features as extra eyeballs – gives them an entirely different effect.

Twisted Anatomy by Choooo-san

Painted People Chooo San

Photorealistic zippers, extra eyeballs and other unusual additions to the skin of otherwise ordinary people make for a startling sight in these body paintings by Japanese artist Chooo-san.

Frog Made of Human Bodies

Painted People Frog

Five human models come together to create such a convincing tropical frog, you have to squint to really get a sense of what you’re looking at.