Bizarre Inventions: 15 Idiotic Ideas from the Past

Electric-Heated Jacket

Bizarre Inventions Electric Heat Jacket

You can’t really blame policemen for wanting to stay warm on the winter streets by any means possible. This heated jacket from 1932 got its power from “electric contacts in the street,” whatever that means.

Pedestrian Scoop

Bizarre Inventions Pedestrian Shovel

It was thought that this scoop, mounted onto a vehicle in 1924 Paris, would reduce pedestrian casualties.

Amphibious Bicycle

Bizarre Inventions Amphibious Bicycle

Buoys used as bicycle wheels do not an amphibious vehicle make, but this guy tried with ‘Cyclomer‘ in Paris, 1932. Too bad there’s not a picture of him trying to actually use it in the water.

Snowstorm Mask

Bizarre Inventions Snowstorm Mask

In 1939, a Montreal inventor decided that plastic beaks would make an effective snowstorm mask.

Baby Suspenders

Bizarre inventions baby suspenders

That looks safe.