Bizarre Inventions: 15 Idiotic Ideas from the Past

Radio Stroller

Bizarre Inventions Radio Stroller

This stroller, equipped with an antenna and loudspeaker, was intended to help soothe babies in public places, but what happens when there’s a group of them all in the same room, listening to different stations?

Motorized Surfboard

Bizarre inventions motorized surfboard

Never mind that catching a wave is the point of surfing. The motorized surfboard, pictured in 1948, was an ideal platform upon which to casually stand around in a suit, smoking a cigarette. On the water.

Gas-Resistant Stroller

Bizarre Inventions Gas Stroller

What’s sad is that a gas-resistant stroller (England, 1938) was ever necessary in the first place.

Shower Hood

Bizarre inventions shower hood

The shower hood: for those times when you want to preserve your hair and makeup in the shower, while looking as ridiculous as possible.

Glasses for Reading in Bed

Bizarre Inventions Bed Glasses

Bizarre inventions hamblin glasses 2

Unlike most of these inventions, Hamblin glasses, which are fitted with mirrors to enable the wearer to read while laying flat without lifting their arms, still exist. And they’re still just as weird.