Fold-Out Room: 12 Ultra-Compact Living Pods & Systems

Fold-Out Kitchen by Giorgio Armani

Fold Out Rooms Armani Kitchen 1

Fold Out Rooms Armani Kitchen 2

Fold Out Rooms Armani Kitchen 3

The ‘Disappearing Room’ by designer Giorgio Armani is yet another system that hides lots of function, ideal for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. The kitchen comes complete with a dishwasher, refrigerator, gas stove, steam and standard ovens, a food warming drawer and a miniature wine cellar, but you’d never know by looking at it when it’s all closed up.

Slide-Out Platform Room Set

Fold Out Rooms Matroshka 1

Fold Out Rooms Matroshka 2

This all-in-one furniture set from Matroshka packs down to just thirteen square feet at its most compact, yet it contains everything you need for an entire studio apartment, including bookshelves, double bed, corner couch, dinner table, four stools, workspace, drawers, a wardrobe and extra hidden storage. One piece after another slides out of the platform that supports the little ‘office.’

Mobile Fold-Out Office, Desk & Work Station

Fold Out Rooms Mobile Office

Wheels and a handle make this compact home office design ultra-portable, too. Made by Planet 3 Studios, this work module contains two desks and lots of drawer space, offering plenty of function when you need it, but it can easily be moved out of the way when you don’t.

Z Box Bedroom Cubes

Fold Out Rooms Z Box 1

Fold Out Rooms Z Box 2

The Z-Box is perfect for lofts and other wide-open living spaces, offering a private bedroom or office with attractive wood-lined walls and ceiling. The components are small enough to be carried up stairs and fit through standard doorways. It includes built-in shelves, an open doorway that can be fitted with curtains, and even little nooks that could be used as pet crates.