Fold-Out Room: 12 Ultra-Compact Living Pods & Systems

Mobile Office Made of Foam

Fold Out Rooms Foam Office 1

Fold Out Rooms Foam Office 2

This odd-looking mobile office made out of foam almost seems like a commentary on the transient nature of today’s job market. Created by Tim Vinke, the modular office set on wheels uses one of the chairs as a handle when it’s in transit. It’s easy to imagine pushing this thing into one office to start a new job, and then moving out just as quickly as you came in.

4 All-in-One Kids Rooms

Fold Out Rooms Kids 1

Fold Out Rooms Kids 2

Modular sets are especially popular for kids’ rooms, especially if they can grow with the children or expand to accommodate additional kids. These loft bedroom ideas from IMA Mobili are colorful, with interesting layouts that include all sorts of slide-out components.

Fold Out Furniture Set

Fold Out Rooms Suzuki

It’s a lot easier to imagine being able to live comfortably in an extremely small space when you have access to furniture options like the Fold Out Furniture Set by Japanese students Toshiko Suzuki and Kentaro Honma. Individual components like kitchens, workspaces and bedrooms fold out from impossibly tiny wooden boxes on wheels.