Turn Back the Dial: 13 Retro Historical TV Set Designs

Phonola Marziano TV, Italy, 1957

Retro Televisions Phonola

Named the ‘Marziano’ (Italian for Martian), this stylish and futuristic TV set features a screen rising up from a minimalist wooden cabinet in which all of the controls were hidden. They were manufactured for five years, but only a few are known to still exist.

Teleavia Panoramic III, 1957

Retro Television Teleavia

That same year saw a similar design, this one in sleek black and gold. The Teleavia Panoramic III wouldn’t look entirely out of place in a modern living room. A surviving set sold for thousands at auction recently, with a starting bid of over $6,439.

2-Piece Portable TV, 1958

Retro Television 2 Piece Portable

This ‘portable’ TV featured in Popular Science in 1958 had a long cable connecting the screen to the cabinet, so it could be moved around the room.

The Flying Saucer/Eyeball TV, 1960s

Retro Televisions Flying Saucer Eyeball

This micro-TV was known as ‘The Eyeball’ or ‘The Flying Saucer’ back when it was available in the late ’60s and early ’70s. The screen measures just five inches.