Boneyard Studios: Vacant Lot Hosts New Micro-Home Village

boneyard studio micro homes

boneyard lee interior exterior

boneyard lee front view

boneyard lee finished night

Lee’s Para House was constructed on a trailer base torn down and rebuilt with external green features including rain catchment, pumps, filters and greywater system.

boneyard jay inside outside

boneyard jay front porch

Jay’s Matchbox is a systems-driven box house made for maximum simplicity and built around passive temperature-controlling materials and design elements, from specialized earthen plaster for humidity control to strategic operable skylights for passive cooling. The design gets its name from a nice touch you might not notice at first glance: charred-wood exterior siding.

tiny house collection four

The overarching purpose of the project is summarized by Boneyard Studios as follows: (1) demonstrate creative urban infill on one of many vacant city lots, (2) promote the benefits of tiny houses: highly affordable, green, simple, and attractive, (3) model what a tiny house community could look like, (4) build capacity of tiny house designers and builders and (5) advocate for DC zoning/code changes to allow construction and habitation of accessory dwelling units and tiny houses.