Reading Room (Dividers): 13 Creative Bookshelf Designs

Corner Bookshelf Room Divider

Bookshelf Room Divider Corner Arie

Corner bookshelves like the Arie Shelving System can be an ideal way to delineate a small, separate space within a large room.

Swinging Bookshelf Room Partition by Yuko Shibata

Bookshelf Room Dividers Swinging Shibata

This creative swinging bookshelf partition by Yuko Shibata Architects breaks up a larger space into two separate rooms when it’s opened.

Armchair Bookshelf Hybrid

Bookshelf Room Divider Armchair

The Wha Cabinet by Tembolat Gugkaev is another seating/bookcase hybrid offering a creative way to store books.

Classic Book Room Screen

Bookshelf Room Divider Classic Screen

If you love the look of a home library but don’t quite have a big enough collection, fake it ’til you make it with a room divider printed to look like shelves full of books.