Reading Room (Dividers): 13 Creative Bookshelf Designs

Babel Narrow Bookshelf Tower

Bookshelf Room Divider Babel

The Babel multifunctional storage system and room divider features horizontal shelves with loose modules that can be arranged in any way you wish to create custom-fit shelving for your books and other belongings.

Modular Stacked System by Muuto

Bookshelf Room Dividers Muuto

Need even more flexibility? The Stacked Shelf System by JDS Architects for Muuto consists of individual shelf units in three sizes that can be clipped together in virtually any configuration. That means you can create a wall in any shape you like, even routing it over furniture, radiators and other objects.

DIY Stacked Book Divider Idea

Bookshelf Room Dividers Stacked Library

If you want a book-themed room divider, but aren’t concerned about actually having access to those books, maybe you could take inspiration from this gorgeous project at the TU Delft library. Books are meticulously stacked to achieve an even height for the library information counter.

Bookshelf Room Divider with Built-In Seating

Bookshelf Room Divider Cave

This fun bookshelf and room divider has a cozy reading nook built right in. ‘CAVE’ by Sakura Adachi is like a miniature library in one piece of furniture.