Small Space Hacks: 24 Tricks for Living in Tiny Apartments


Hidden Jewelry Storage

Small Apartment Hacks Hidden Jewelry 1

Small Apartment Hacks Hidden Jewelry 2

Small Apartment Hacks Hidden Jewelry 3

Avoid tangled necklaces and jumbled jewelry boxes with smart jewelry organization systems that keep everything organized and out of sight. You can purchase ordinary-looking wall mirrors that hold an entire boutique’s worth of frippery, or take the DIY approach and create a similar effect with a framed photo or your own custom painting.

Slim & Fold-Up Desks & Dining Tables

Small Apartment Hacks Desks

If you only need a desk every now and then, or simply a slim surface to hold your laptop, check out these space-saving workspace ideas. A wall shelf installed at just the right height next to your bed is simple, cheap and effective. Hinges and hooks attach what appears to be a picture frame to the wall, but unfolds into a table (while the $2,200 Ivy Design model pictured here is no longer available, it would be too hard to DIY.) A similar design offers enough of a work surface for a single laptop when open, along with storage space. Or, build your own minimalist floating desk along a strip of unused wall.

Clever Drying Racks

Space Saving Tricks Drying Rack 1

Small Apartment Hacks Drying Racks 2

Many an apartment or condo dweller without a dryer in their apartment has tried hanging wet clothes all over the house due to lack of space for a real drying rack. One clever clothes drying rack expands from a relatively small package to a large twelve-pointed star design for maximum air circulation and lots of room for clothes. And if you’re among the many people who don’t have a dishwasher, a drying rack like this space-saving corner design can fit lots of wet dishes while taking up minimal countertop space.

Multi-Purpose Bedside Furniture

Space Saving Hacks Multipurpose Bed 1

Space Saving Hacks Multipurpose Bed 2

A narrow IKEA console table (or your own version) that’s just big enough to slide over your bed can be a headboard/nightstand and breakfast-in-bed-style desk in one. A minimalist nightstand can double as a desk, or you can simply save space in a small apartment by placing your desk at the foot of the bed.