No Clowning Around: 11 Sad Abandoned Circuses & Carnivals


abandoned circus Berlin

The purportedly abandoned circus above, located somewhere in Berlin, Germany, looks rather spiffy… compared to Gandini’s Circus, at least. Kudos to Berlin On A Budget and Flickr user mit aus b for the images above.

Circus Down

abandoned Circus Town

abandoned Circus Town

“Circus Town”… with a name like that, it must be the happiest place in the whole wide world! Sorry to shatter your innocence, kids, but Circus Town’s anything but happy these days – more like crappy. The decomposing marquee reading “Welcome To Circus Town” is filled with foreboding. If Stephen King should see it, you just know he’ll be inspired to put pen to paper (or the techno equivalent thereof). You can also imagine what happens to King’s characters should they foolishly accept the ominous invitation.

Dropping The Ball

abandoned circus Italy

The eight hundred pound elephant in the room is… just where is that eight hundred pound elephant? You know, the one that once balanced precariously on the golden, star-studded ball above as the crowd roared? Flickr user Alessandro Erbetta brings us our lead image while leaving us wondering with minds wandering: while every show – even The Greatest Show On Earth – must come to an end, must the actors meet their ends as well?