Fold-Out Life: 13 Space-Saving & Expanding Room Elements

Flat Pack Furniture & Room Divider
Fold Out Flat Pack Room Divider 1

Fold Out Flat Pack Room Divider 2

Functioning as room screens when closed, this series of flat-pack room elements by Kapteinbolt comes together to create flexible interiors. Four separate standing screens each offer a working unit, sleeping and sitting unit, cooking unit and storage unit for a complete studio apartment setup in highly portable and compact form.

Pop-Up Office
Fold Out Pop Up Desk 1

Fold Out Pop Up Desk 2

It’s questionable whether this cardboard desk set, inspired by pop-up books, is actually functional. But the Pop Up desk concept by Armin B. Wagner is a cool idea for an instant mobile workspace that seems to spring up from a flat surface almost magically.

3 Rooms in Boxes by Boxetti
Fold Out Lounge in a Box 1

Boxetti Kitchen

Boxetti Kitchen 2

Boxetti Entertainment

Boxetti Entertainment 2

Boxetti Lounge 2

Italian furniture maker Boxetti produces a range of cool fold-out room solutions, from a Lounge in a Box that opens to reveal a couch to an entire modern modular kitchen and even an entertainment center with pop-out speakers.