Recycled Skylines: 8 Green Urban Tower Typologies for 2050

green woven bamboo mesh

green bamboo wind energy

Bamboo Nest Towers: adding an exoskeleton to a series of extant structures, these mesh-like facades of woven bamboo incorporate vertical gardens as well as wind-energy generators.

green honeycomb architecture design

green honeycomb bee system

Honeycomb Towers: expanding on current buildings with bee-inspired additions, these new homes draw structural  support from existing architecture while adding greenery and drawing power from new streetlamp-style wind turbines.

green vertical farm towers

Farmscraper Towers: perhaps the most familiar-looking typology in this series, these skyscraper farms employ 3D-modeled architecture to create an organic-looking set of interlocking towers suited for urban agriculture.

green transportation urban hub

Mangrove Towers: one of the wildest-looking parts of this project, these curvilinear mesh structures look like growing plants and are intended to house a mixed-use program of commercial, institutional and office spaces growing around an existing transportation hub – visitors step off trains and are given a very green first impression of the city.

green paris of the future

As a whole, many may find the resulting aesthetic of this future city vision unappealing as it dominates historic architecture, but perhaps it is simply a problem of place: Paris may be too beautiful for such a solution, which could be better suited to a less-lovely locale.