Converted Crane: 150-Foot-Tall Dutch Hotel Spins in the Wind

a dutch panoramic night

a dutch crane stairs

The views are perhaps the most stunning piece – few buildings in or around Amsterdam tower quite so high and the landscape is relatively flat, affording vistas that are effectively unparalleled.

a dutch free spirit

a dutch secret suite

a dutch secret suites

a dutch mystique suite copy

Each of the three suites retrofitted into the existing structure has a unique visual identity and custom-designed interior to make the experience of each quite different, and perhaps encourage people to come back and try a new room each time. Shown above in sequence, the Free Spirit suite has a rustic retro-and-ranch-style appeal, the Secret Suite a sense of high-end privacy  and the Mystique Suite features over-the-top black and gold posh fixtures, furnishings, surfaces and decor.

a dutch sunset view

a dutch crane view

More from the press release: “In the 50 meters high monumental Crane are situated 3 very luxurious design hotel suites and a broadcasting TV studio. The exclusive high-end suites are each decorated by a top team of interior designers. In top of the Crane you will find the world famous spa pool with phenomenal view over Amsterdam and the river IJ. Faralda Crane Hotel is situated on the NDSM site near the river IJ with a view over the centre of Amsterdam. This area is proclaimed by the international press to be the third hippest area in the world.”