Tiny Apartment Tricks: 13 Ideas for Ultra-Compact Spaces

Put a Bunk Bed Over Your Home Office

tiny apartment bunk bed office

Bunk beds can be a lease-friendly alternative to built-in lofted bedrooms, elevating your sleeping space above whatever else you need to keep in your room, like this home office in California.

IKEA Wardrobe Doors as Translucent Room Divider

tiny apartment pax wardrobe

tiny apartment pax wardrobe 2

Intended for the PAX wardrobe, these translucent sliding doors are the perfect solution for separating a sleeping space in a tiny studio apartment without making it feel like a jail cell.

Timber Box Makes Room for Baby

tiny apartment room for baby

tiny apartment room for baby 2

How do you make room for a baby in a tiny urban apartment? Clare Cousins Architects adapted a 75-square-meter space in Melbourne with a single timber box that sections off the parents’ bed and the baby’s bedroom as well as packing in tons of storage, bookshelves, work stations and even a lofted sleeping space for guests.

29 Well-Designed Square Meters

tiny apartments 29 square meters 3

tiny apartments 29 square meters 2

tiny apartments 29 square meters 1

This apartment in Poland by architecture firm 3XA measures just 29 square meters (about 312 square feet), but looks every bit as stylish as modern flats with more space, maintaining a minimalist feel in black, white and wood tones. The trick is mostly in the loft, which is accessed by a set of custom-built storage-packed stairs, with additional storage hidden behind sheer curtains in the hallway.