Tiny Apartment Tricks: 13 Ideas for Ultra-Compact Spaces

Build a DIY Bed Platform with IKEA Components

tiny apartments ikea platform bed

Platform beds are a clever way to integrate a lot more storage into a small space. They can be bulky and expensive, but there are plenty of ways to build one yourself using inexpensive, readily available items like dressers or cabinets from IKEA. A tutorial at Oh Yes Blog outlines how to make one with the latter, and a bit of lumber.

Freestanding Closet as a Room Divider

tiny apartments open plan 2

tiny apartments open plan 1

tiny apartments open plan 3

It can be tough to figure out how to cram all of your belongings into an open-plan studio apartment without everything looking cluttered, especially if you want to maintain some level of privacy for the bed. This 420-square-foot apartment in New York City uses a custom-designed DIY freestanding closet as a room divider. The owner essentially built a frame around a dresser, hanging clothes fro one side of it and mounting a television to the other to form distinct bedroom and living room spaces.

DIY Plywood Warehouse Renovation

tiny apartments custom plywood 1

tiny apartments custom plywood 2

tiny apartments custom plywood 3

This warehouse loft in Chicago started out as a “dilapidated, empty box,” according to owner Aaron, who designed all sorts of custom plywood built-ins to make the space livable. The sleeping space is elevated above the kitchen, making the most of the available vertical space.

Rolling Hideaway Closet

tiny apartment hideaway closet

A particle board partition in this NYC apartment hides a roll-away closet, keeping all that clutter out of view when it’s not needed but making it all easy to access when it is.