Ephemeral Architecture: 27 Paper Buildings & Pavilions

Financial Ledger Sheet Structures by Jill Sylvia

paper architecture jill sylvia 1

paper architecture sylvia 3

paper architecture sylvia 2

“In an attempt to understand our need to quantify our transactions, I employ this paper,” says artist Jill Sylvia of her use of ledger sheets to create works of miniature architecture. “I use a drafting knife to individually remove thens of thousands of boxes from this paper, leaving behind the lattice of the grid intended to separate the boxes. I involve myself in this routine of trying to make time and labor palpable while communicating its loss. I am concerned with the manner win which this material is decontextualized by way of process (and consequent futility,) and how the resulting voids suggest that the methods we employ to arrange our world provide more insight into ourselves than that which we seek to organize.”

Undulating Paper Ceiling by Cristina Parreño

paper architecture ceiling parreno 2

paper architecture ceiling parreno 1

Architect and MIT lecturer Christina Perreño created a chamber of paper chandeliers for Arco Madrid, a contemporary art fair. 5,200 paper tubes were spread over the space’s ceiling to give it the feel of a sort of modernized cave. “My idea was to create a continuous roof that might articulate certain moments as chandeliers,” says Perreño. “We wanted a marriage between a continuous structure and these dipping elements that would illuminate the space. We wanted a recyclable and cheap material that would contrast with the digital way that it was assembled.”

Delicate Architecture by Stephanie Beck

paper architecture beck 4

paper architecture beck 3

paper architecture beck 2

paper architecture beck 1

Stephanie Beck layers thin sheets of paper over each other for varying degrees of transparency and opacity, slowly building up each element of her fragile white cities. The structures are left white other than the pencil marks that act as a reminder of the process of architectural design.